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Decorative Jamb What is it?

Decorative Jamb What is it?
It is a building material that is being used with decoration purpose as it is understood from the name of decorative masonry. It is used at the edges of windows and doors and can be produced from various materials such as PVC (polyvinylchloride), wood, plastic in various derivatives. The more plastic ones are preferred and the economical reason is the preference. Other derivatives are also preferably used in custom structures depending on preference. In particular, decorative systems are being completed both in the west and in our country with the popularity of insulation systems. Such building decoration materials are expressed in different terms such as corner profile, column, column, keystone .. among the people. The joint technical name of all of them is decorative. The decorative panels used on the facades are less affected by factors such as rainfall and durability, thanks to the use of self-cleaning properties. XPS is coated with resin over the knives produced using styrofoam or EPS building materials. There is an unlimited number of models available and you can get it any way you like.
Decorative jamb materials are more expensive than those used in buildings. It is a material with high performance in terms of insulation. When it comes to the application of Binalara, there are many application areas such as wiping the windowsill, using them as cornerstone, using them as a frame, using them as keystone. Especially when used in corner coverage, accurate calculation of the cutting angle and accurate inclination and depth are required. The building is quite convenient for the owners because it provides both insulation and aesthetics to the decorative cabinet owners. The beauty of the aesthetics coming from the square in the outer appearance of your building will add value to your building at the same time. Apart from these, there are ready-made saffles that can be preferred in Lale Yapı in Antakya. Among the ready-made parts, polystyrene knobs are the most preferred. The reason why the polystyrene sawners are preferred is economic formation, easy application, desired shape, long life and light weight. You will use it in the exterior, and you will see your decorative ornament building younger and younger. Decorative cabinets can also be used in hallways and ceilings in homes. Gypsum or foam is a demanding element and offers a more spacious and aesthetic environment than the decorative ones you have applied to your home.

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