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Mantolama dismantling applications are as important as production. Lale Yapı successfully performs the dismantling works with its own developed technics and expert staff and provides the contribution to the individual and the country's economy by realizing the re-mantle manufacturing that will protect the building for many years after the dismantling.
The Reasons for the Dismantling of Patching Practice
External heat insulation applications according to the rules of the aftermath of the harm does not bring much harm, the practices to try to explain below.
General Application Errors
a. Improper mounting of the dowels,
b. The large opening of the anchor hole,
c. Usage of poor quality dowels (weaker in low temperatures, poor carrying capacity, etc.)
D. The result of not considering the building wind loads is the use of missing plugs,
to. The problem of thinning of the thermal insulation sheet,
f. The disconnection of the thermal insulation plates,
g. The quality of the files is poor, they are not alkali-resistant,
h. Do not mount files in application filesi,
I. Between 2-4 mm between heat insulation plates. filling of this void with mortar or plaster in case of gaps,
j. The water insulation and the connection details of the mantle are not resolved well.
k. The parapet tops in the buildings should not be protected by a harp.
l. Correct dissolution details of heat insulation system with elements such as timber, beam, porch poles.
How to Remove the Mantolama
Due to the mistakes attempted to be explained above, local spills on the exterior facades of the building begin to spread over time to the whole facade due to the leakage of water between the materials. Due to the water between the material, the exterior walls of the building remain wet and over time, mold and water infiltration may be visible on the interior walls. Apart from this kind of damage, heating and cooling costs come to the old level, the exterior view of the building is adversely affected and the value of the building falls.

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