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About Lale Yapı

Our company was established in 15.01.2015 as a corporate firm to manufacture the mantle and cabinet exterior decorative products needed by the construction industry. During this time he has achieved many successes and will continue to achieve these successes. Our principle is to ensure that the service we provide to you is of good quality, reliable, affordable price, and to satisfy our customers with this principle while realizing the dreams of the people. First of all, our customer satisfaction is our satisfaction. With experience of 5 years work experience and closed area of ​​3000 m2 with experienced staff and expert staff, we are able to guarantee the production and application of Polistren Exterior Products, Thermal Insulation Systems, EPS products and Decorative Joinery products. It was established.
The productions made in our factory are made with latest system machines. Our company aims to be the solution partner of all the customers in order to respond to their demands and quality standards. Following the innovations, it aims to contribute to the economy of the country by producing environmentally friendly products in world standards, increasing the work and living standards of its employees and solution partners, increasing exports day by day, making new investments and increasing employment.
Being honest, innovative, environmentalist, strong, fast, pioneering and reliable always keeps the front-line as company values.
LALE YAPI TRADE LTD. Sti. With its trademark patent, it offers a wide range of innovative designs for the sector and contractors with its hundreds of products that can be used both on the exterior and interior.
It is not influenced by water, nondecan, ultraviolet, is not affected by ultraviolet, does not crack, it is economical, it does heat insulation, it does not receive water, it is suitable for building physics, does not contain insects and animals, the system continues to save for the life of the building, amortizes itself in 2-3 years, is not harmful to human health and environment, does not create a heat bridge, it is 50% depending on average building structure energy saving.

Protect Against Warm Heat

In exterior insulation systems, heat insulation systems protect your home against hot and cold weather. As a result of this operation to be done by our company, problems such as humidity, humidity and heat insulation surely arise.

B1 Class Flame Do not Walk

Thermal insulation plates B1 - have a fire class which can be difficult to ignite. It continues to burn with continuous contact of the flame source. The combustion stops when the flame source is removed. So your house is protected against burns.

Free Measure and Discovery

All kinds of Dxf drawings and facade cladding of buildings are done with 3D Max. Measure and discovery are made free of charge considering the principles of application.

Environment Friendly & Installation is Easy

Our company, which supports environmentally friendly exterior materials, offers flexible approaches to designers, architects and engineers in our product performance comparing image and cost parameters.