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It is a durable, workable filler material. It is a one component filler material that contains product performance, processability, crack resistance, chemical additives to increase color permanence.


All jamb Modelleri Architectural building elements that protect the doors and windows from falling rain water and all kinds of liquids that may come from outside and give architectural aesthetics to the building's facade design.

Floor wipe

Floor erosion is the name given to the facade which is used for decorations horizontally on the facades of the buildings. There are various initiatives in the city to renovate the texture and decoration of the city.


There are three different methods for thermal insulation in buildings, from inside to outside and sandwich wall. The best practice for preventing the formation of heat bridges and ensuring insulation continuity is the application of mantle.

Protect Against Warm Heat

In exterior insulation systems, heat insulation systems protect your home against hot and cold weather. As a result of this operation to be done by our company, problems such as humidity, humidity and heat insulation surely arise.

B1 Class Flame Do not Walk

Thermal insulation plates B1 - have a fire class which can be difficult to ignite. It continues to burn with continuous contact of the flame source. The combustion stops when the flame source is removed. So your house is protected against burns.

Free Measure and Discovery

All kinds of Dxf drawings and facade cladding of buildings are done with 3D Max. Measure and discovery are made free of charge considering the principles of application.

Environment Friendly & Installation is Easy

Our company, which supports environmentally friendly exterior materials, offers flexible approaches to designers, architects and engineers in our product performance comparing image and cost parameters.

Product Models