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Right Known Wrongs in Jacketing

1. There are also sliding-based thermal insulation materials. (FALSE)
Heat insulation can not be done with paint or similar materials. Heat insulation is made with mantle materials with a certain coefficient of thermal conductivity and a certain thickness. As the thickness increases, the amount of heat insulation increases. Plaster and exterior paint layers can not be heat insulated.
2. We live in a hot zone, no need to have heat insulation. (FALSE)
Heat insulation saves energy and fuel we spend to cool down in the summer and cool down in the summer. Since a building requires more energy to be cooled than it needs to be heated, it must be absolutely heat-insulated in hot climatic regions.
3. The walls of our building are made of gas concrete, and there is no need to heat insulation. (FALSE)
Gas concrete is building materials, not thermal insulation materials / mantle materials. No matter what the building is, all facades, including columns and beams, should be insulated with thermal insulation materials and roofs and windows should be insulated with special covered insulation glass units and insulated joists.
4. Our building is especially cold from the north side. It would be enough if we only do the north ceiling mantle. (FALSE)
Isolation on only one facade forms heat bridges. Because heat losses are generated by transmission, heat loss will continue at other facades where insulation is not done. For this reason, heat insulation should be applied to all building components (roof, wall, floor, quarry, glass and joinery).
5. I can apply the heat insulation by my own initiative or by acquaintance. (FALSE)
Your building should definitely be examined by business experts and should be done by insulation cladding firms who are experienced in external thermal insulation applications to solve your problem.
6. Glass mosaic, PVC, aluminum, etc. we do not need to do heat insulation if we make the exterior coating materials. (FALSE)

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