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Thermal insulation is a legal imperative

According to the TC Code (Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627), as of January 1, 2011, it is obligatory to issue an Energy Identity Certificate at all the buildings with a construction area over 50 m². Removing the Energy Identity Certificate on the buildings will bring many sanctions and financial burdens.
Energy Performance Regulation in Buildings
The Energy Identity Certificate is an official document that can be obtained from government-authorized engineering firms that include energy requirements of structures, energy consumption classification, thermal insulation properties, and information on the utilization of heating, cooling systems. Do what it belongs to show Energy Performance. According to the Energy Identity Certificate, they are named with an Energy Class at all the buildings and between the G letters. In terms of energy efficiency, letter A means efficient building, letter G means inefficient building. A building that meets thermal insulation standards will receive the letter B or C energy class.

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