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What is a fuga?
It is a durable, workable filler material. It is a one component filler material that contains product performance, processability, crack resistance, chemical additives to increase color permanence.
What is a fuga called?
Fuga is a filling material. It is a product that can be processed, has strong resistance to cracking, and has color persistence enhancing chemicals. It is a single component and has a smooth surface. There are varieties produced for all kinds of fields. For example; for wet areas, for antibacterial, cold and hot environments.
Where are the application areas?
1. Indoors
2. Floor and walls
3. Ceramic
4. Marble
5. Glass mosaic coating
What are the features?
1. Provides a smooth surface.
2. It is abrasion resistant.
3. Does not crack.
4. Has different colors.
How is the fusion implemented?
- For a 100 g fuga joint filler 65-70 gr. Water is added.
- Joint tape is glued properly.
- After waiting 2 hours, the 2nd floor is pulled.
- The third floor is 25-30 cm. carefully as it will.
- After drying, it is made ready for sanding with sandpaper.
What should be considered before the joint is jointed?
1. It is checked whether plaster plans are being installed as requested.
2. It is necessary to apply the prepared joint gypsum plaster within 1 and half hours.
3. If a second mixture is required, the container in which the mixture is made must be completely cleaned.
4. The venue should have an air temperature not lower than 2 degrees.
What are the preparation rules of the spark plug?
- Ensure the necessary job security,
- Elpen and mask should be used,
- The working environment should be illuminated at a sufficient level,
- Materials to be prepared for joint filler mortar should be cleaned beforehand,
- The water / mixture ratio written on the packaging of joint sealant must be observed and water should be used in drinking water,
- Mixing water first, then put on the grouting material by sprinkling on the water,
- Mixing with trowel should be started, then plastic consistency should be brought by mechanical mixer,
- Use suitable mechanical stirrer,
- According to the size and duration of work to be done joint filler mortar should be prepared,
- Mortar should not be prepared more than necessary and the prepared mortar should be consumed within one hour,
- After filling the coating surface and its surroundings should be cleaned.


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