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What is a Jamb? What is the benefit?
What is  jamb: All jamb Modelleri On the upper edge of the window or door vertically applied to the two sides of the doors and windows that give architectural aesthetics to the building's facade design to protect the doors and windows from falling rain water and all kinds of liquids that may come from outside, It is called as masonry for architectural building elements that can be produced as natural stone, aluminum, marble, metal, polyurethane, concrete, fibrobeton, alikobalt, polypropylene, EPS Polystyrene foam, XPS polystyrene foam which can be made from different materials.
What is  jamb: It can be applied to the exterior facing parts of the windows of the building as well as it can be applied to interior facade systems in terms of aesthetic and rich appearance if desired. The cover can be made from any material resistant to weather conditions on the exterior. As mentioned in the definition of the scoop, it is used for aesthetic appearance besides protecting the window and door openings from the rain water to some extent.
Use of What is  jamb in Window Anotomy;
• Frame The frame surrounds and supports the entire window system - it consists of a header, brackets and thresholds.
• Top Header The main horizontal section that forms the top of the window frame.
• Jambs (vertical knobs) The main vertical pieces that form the edges of the window frame.
• Threshold The main horizontal section that forms the base of a window frame.
• Jambliner (L jacket surface) A strip that can fit comfortably to the window wing by going to the edges of a window frame.

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