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Floor wipe

What is the thickness? How is it applied?
Floor erosion is the name given to the facade which is used for decorations horizontally on the facades of the buildings. Today, in many buildings, the exterior appearance is also not neglected with the exteriors of the exterior paint or with the mantle making. In particular, there are various initiatives in the city to renovate the texture and decoration of the city. In addition to this, personally, people prefer to decorate the floors in the detached houses. Prior to that, different decorations were made with filling mortar and floor wiping was more preferred in terms of aesthetics. Floor wiping is applied to buildings not between all floors but between floors. This application provides a more layered appearance to the building and makes the building more aesthetic. Architecturally speaking, in the case of a structure, folds are used as indicated by the protrusions on the outer surface. The floor wiping, which had examples in the classical Turkish architecture, showed itself more in western architecture. The floor wipe is also used for insulation purposes as well as decorative purpose. The floor wipe is applied in a sloping or flat shape and has different models and sizes. At the same time the building's face and the position of the building where floor wiping is applied are the issues to be considered. Due to the embossing of the floors, if these factors are not taken into consideration, there may be different colors on the exterior and exterior walls. For this reason, the materials to be used should be selected by evaluating all functions. It is necessary to work very carefully while the floor is being applied to the building. This is because if there are gaps in the structure during the application, currents will form and the structure will be damaged due to moisture. In order to live such problems, you must make sure that there is no gap in the floor. At the same time, the decoration of the windows is emphasized in the buildings where the floor cloth is applied. For this, corner stones and frame designs are made. Cornerstone application also gives your building a stylish look and completes each other with floor wiping.
When you come to the floor wiping application, the color of the model you want to use and the thickness of the floor wiper depends on your building and your preference. Acrylic coating from the viewpoint of coating is more difficult to wear and therefore has a longer life. While selecting floor wiping material, it should not be over-run. Because the richer the material, the more the outer coating will increase in proportion to the recesses and protrusions. This also manifests itself as dust and accumulation in the same place on your building. Regarding the processing sequence, the normal plaster should be made before the decorative liquid. Since more than one material is used in the decoction, the risk of leaving a gap is too high. In case of decorative plastering on normal plaster, closing of the cavities is provided at a high rate and a healthier application method is also observed.

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